Friday, July 08, 2011

Now for the good news

I went to a show at my son's school last night. It was great to see the kids working together and supporting each other. The show might not have been perfect but it was great fun to watch and a great, positive event.
The thing is perfection isn't going to happen, but doing things with a good heart often goes a long way. That's not to say "think nice thoughts and do what you like"-but it it is to say that we should all be fair to ourselves so that we can be fair to others as well.
The former England bowler Steve Harmison was interviewed in the Telegraph today, and he said something to the effect that whilst he enjoyed cricket he did view it as a job, and was glad he hadn't burnt himself out after 10 test matches-maybe he didn't do as well as he might, but that's life. In a world where everyone is meant to be ruthlessly dedicated to their form of wage-slavery to the exclusion of all else, it is a refreshing thought-your job has a beginning and an end, and the person you are is way more important.

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