Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Being grateful

I came across an idea the other week which I thought made a lot of sense. I've been looking at what is called the "law of attraction" which seems to postulate that if you are positive in your outlook, then good things will result. There's a lot of stuff associated with this (making money appear out of nowhere for example) that I don't buy into, but the idea of gratitude seems to me a really sensible one.
Like most kids I was always taught to say "thank you" to people. My wife and I do the same with our kids, and regard it as normal, as does everyone I can think of. There's nothing special to any of this, it's just a simple way to spread a bit of light, and sometimes has a deeper effect than we realise. But it can start to change your outlook on the world if you let it.
It seems to work like this. When you feel fed up, find something to be thankful for. When you feel happy, be grateful. If you want to make it a prayer, say thank you as a prayer. If you feel that people are delusional by praying to "sky fairies" or "spaghetti monsters" that is your chosen point of view (not mine as you may guess) and is your right and privilege. It doesn't in any way mean you can't be grateful - this is about having a positive effect on your own mindset.
The point is that the more gratitude and positivity we can spread around, the better the world gets.
Just a thought......
Oh, and thanks for reading!

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