Thursday, July 07, 2011

More on "Fly From Here"

I really am going to have to listen to this a whole lot more before I even attempt to review it. My quick conclusion is that it is well worth a listen, Geoff Downes is very competent but no Rick Wakeman. However he does obviously have a big and very positive influence on the music. I'll sit down soon and write a proper review, promise.
Is anybody sad to see the News of the World finally making its excuses and leaving? I'm always sorry to hear of people losing their livelihood, particularly if they've done nothing wrong, but it will soon be replaced by something equally bad. All that effort and hard work to produce something so negative. If you're reading this and know of something good or praiseworthy that's happened please add a comment and share it-let's try to spread some good and happiness throughout the world, life doesn't have to be misery!
Peace be with you.

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