Monday, June 20, 2011

Amy Winehouse

I'm not really a fan of Amy. At least I don't really know as I've managed to avoid hearing any of her music. However I have managed to see the tragic footage of her performing, and it really is sad to watch. It's easy to say that she had it all and threw it away, but I guess most of us have been one bad decision away from a train wreck at some point. And then there's some sections of the media which glory in seeing people destroy themselves-she's on a hiding to nothing.
So for my part I hope she gets sorted out and produces some good music-there's plenty of people who would be happy for that to happen.
Until then she really needs to be left alone.

A few years ago (well actually quite a lot of years ago) Glenn Hughes was part of Deep Purple and in the middle of his own drug-induced train wreck. He's now part of Black Country Communion, who have just released their second album-what I've heard so far is evidence that you really can turn things around in a big way.

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